Values & Mission

Our vision is to consistently deliver exceptional value in timber frame and whole-building systems. Our core values are reflected in every choice we make from selecting the trees for your timber home, designing with respect for your budget, maintaining a rewarding work environment for our team, working with our suppliers and ultimately delivering the best possible building & personal service for each client.

Our core values:

  • To bring genuine interest, creativity and insightful solutions to each building project.
  • To promote sustainable lifestyles for our clients, our employees and our own families.
  • To provide support to our local community and reinvest in the forest lands to ensure an ongoing source of high-value sustainably harvested timber.
  • To implement appropriate technology to maintain the right balance of modern equipment and skilled hands.
  • To minimize the ecological footprint of our production process and life cycle footprint of the structures we create.
  • The future growth of Zirnhelt Timber Frames Ltd is based on the value of long term positive and considerate relationships involving employees, clients and suppliers.

As owners of Zirnhelt Timber Frames Ltd, Damon and Sam support each other and their families in both personal and professional life goals.

Zirnhelt Timber Frames Ltd believes in the value of sustainable, attainable and environmentally responsible building principles as a logical process of business.

Mission Statement

Sustainable building is the founding purpose of Zirnhelt Timber Frames Ltd. Our leading edge approach to environmental, social and community-based economic sustainability reflects and supports the lifestyles and aspirations of both our residential and commercial construction clients. This commitment is backed up by professional designers and craftsmen with a passion for dependability, quality and sustainable building principles.