Meet the Crew


Developing a business focused on sustainable building now means Damon spends most of his time at the timber frame shop – running the site, reviewing construction plans, overseeing the sawmill operation and collaborating with the rest of the gang on product development.

Damon has a Master’s degree in Development Economics from Dalhousie University where his research in value-added wood products and rural economic development took him to Latvia, Estonia & Lithuania. He is passionate about sustainable building, using local materials and wood by-products. “Nirvana” for Damon is creating an all-wood house that meets our criteria for a sustainable building. He thrives on working with his talented and passionate co-workers.

When not at work, Damon spends most of his time with his daughter Julia and son Benjamin. He enjoys exploring and camping with his family, occasionally traipsing around with his brothers and their families in the back country, and dreaming about finally flying his ultralight airplane.


Sam and his wife Jill and sons Tarn and Kell live on one end of the family ranch in one of ZTF’s first homes, a cozy 850 square foot timber frame with solid square log pine walls nestled among some of the original log buildings dating back to 1918.  They live on the sunniest spot on the ranch and enjoy growing most of their winter food between a large garden and greenhouse.

Sam has a Bachelor of Science degree in Natural Resource Management from the University of Northern BC and a Masters degree in Forestry from the University of Canterbury (Christchurch, New Zealand). Sam’s interest in sustainable forestry dates back to childhood days of skidding logs for fences and forts with his prize pony Mazie (now 32 yrs old and enjoying her retirement and occasional rides by the next generation). In addition to his work with Zirnhelt Timber Frames Sam works closely with local First Nations in natural resource management and economic development. Sam and Damon built some of their first buildings with Tsi del del First Nation as part of a training program to add value to their sawmilling business. Damon and Sam see an ongoing need for application of sustainable building systems in First Nation communities.

In addition to his primary role in marketing and sales, Sam works closely with our clients, architects and builders throughout the design process and with the rest of the ZTF crew to complete our homes.

When not at work or chasing cows, Sam spends as much time as possible skiing, hiking or horse packing in the vast back country areas we are blessed with in this region.