Zirnhelt Timber Frames, builders of high quality timber frame houses is located on the family ranch in Beaver Valley BC (western Canada), where owners and brothers Sam and Damon, were raised.

The business started 15 years ago when Damon and Sam bought a portable sawmill to pay for their university degrees and has grown out of the need and commitment to build quality, healthy homes and commercial buildings.

The Zirnhelt Timber Frames business was created to give practical expression to their academic interests; primarily sustainable forest management and rural economic development.

Timber Frame Houses

The owners have secured a highly skilled and energetic team of crafts people who are dedicated to creating the best value possible for our customers. The business focuses on green building techniques, using local products and environmentally sound building practices, and understands rural lifestyle and the needs of customers looking to build in rural settings.

Timber Frame Houses, Timber Frame Commercial Buildings and Timber Frame Outbuildings

Zirnhelt Timber Frames design, engineer and build hand-crafted timber frame houses, timber frame vacation cottages, chalets, timber frame commercial buildings, timber frame barns and other timber frame outbuildings. Whether it is a basic structure or a complex dream home, Zirnhelt Timber Frames has the knowledge and skill set to accomplish the task in a professional manner.

Whether it is utilizing the clients existing plans (either from Zirnhelt Timber Frames or other designers) the company can build and perfect a home or product with exceptional fit and finish. One of the values drivers of the company is the ability to offer sustainable designs which are often modified taking into consideration the clients unique lifestyle, budget, environment and building site.

The end result is that Zirnhelt Timber Frames (ZTF) can complete the hand-crafted Douglas-fir timber frames and offer a diverse range of wall construction options to make the best use of local building materials and achieve just the right look and feel for each client.

Mission Statement

Sustainable building is the founding purpose of Zirnhelt Timber Frames Ltd. Our leading edge approach to environmental, social and community-based economic sustainability reflects and supports the lifestyles and aspirations of both our residential and commercial clients. This commitment is backed up by professional designers and craftsmen with a passion for dependability, quality and sustainable building principles.